Oz Shut Perth Perth Rollershutters Installation Success

Oz Shut Perth Window Roller Shutters Happy Customer

Local Perth resident Ketih recently had a very positive Ozshut rollershutter experience he’d like to share with everyone.  Keith had a set level of expectation when it came to his desired window shutters, and he wasn’t disappointed with the quality Oz Shut windowshutter product.

Of particular note, Ketih was impressed with the enhanced asthetic appeal to his home, in addiotn to the added security he was now experiencing.  Ketih is so comfortabel he is now confident in leaving his windows partly open at night to allow a refreshing breeze to enter his home.

We’re very pleased that Ketih was impressed with the knowledge of the Oz Shut tradesmen, who were very efficient when it came to the installation.

Oz Shut Window Installation

Feel free to give OzShut a call on 132068 for your next security shutter installation.

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Historic Perth Homes Hit Market

Two of Perth’s most historic mansions are up for sale, with one heading to auction this weekend and the second, dubbed Perth’s own Great Gatsby, on the market for buyers in the $3 million range.

Both homes are iconic properties that were built by pioneering Perth families.

The first is an art deco masterpiece in Menora that is known as the Breckler mansion, and comes complete with bedroom furniture and wallpaper designed by Baz Luhrmann’s wife Catherine Martin.

Current owner Natalie Stacey-Conway described the home as “romantic and beautiful”.

“We were lucky enough to be able to buy a piece of history,” she said.

“It’s a dream come true to live here.

“As a young child I used to drive past it and I always admired it and I could never get my head around the fact that it had a ballroom.”

The grand home was built 80 years ago for Fanny Breckler, who was famous for starting the Betts shoe empire.

The Menora exterior.
The Menora exterior.Picture: Realestate

It has a grand entrance with chandeliers, a billiard room, wine cellar, renovated bathrooms and a shoe room.

While the upstairs ballroom has since been split into a large living area and two big bedrooms, the old stage from the 1940s remains.

The Mount Lawley home was built in 1914 for Perth’s first car dealer Percy Armstrong
The Mount Lawley home was built in 1914 for Perth’s first car dealer Percy ArmstrongPicture: Realestate

Just up the road in Mount Lawley, there’s another historic mansion on the market with the property built in 1914 for Perth’s first car dealer Percy Armstrong.

Retired carpenter Bill Hulston and his wife have owned the heritage listed “Annesley” for nine years.

“It’s going to be difficult for us to find something else coming out of this place,” Mr Hulston said.

One of the entertaining rooms.
One of the entertaining rooms.Picture: Realestate

“We’re very lucky to have spent some time in it.”

The Federation home has five big bedrooms, a modern kitchen that still has the 100-year-old oven and a below-ground wine cellar.

“It’s a great opportunity for someone to buy a piece of history,” agent Helen Hemery said.

The Mount Lawley home is complete with a modern kitchen.
The Mount Lawley home is complete with a modern kitchen.Picture: Realestate

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Home Security Scam Warning

The Better Business Bureau is alerting consumers of a scam that’s going around the country.

It involves home security and misleading representatives. These are not new scams but cases of them are starting to pop up more frequently in the Capital region.

The home security company, ADT, tells 9News that in Baton Rouge, five of its clients have been victims of this scam.

In many cases, a representative with another security company may approach the door to say their company recently merged with ADT, or whoever your home security company is.

The rep may say that due to the company merge, your contract will be void so they will ask you to sign a new one. They may also ask if they could come in to check your security panel and alarms.

Then they might say your entire system needs to be replaced. If the representative asks for your permission and proceed to do so.

Once everything is said and done, you end up being a customer for a different home security company. That’s because that representative who came to the door may have lied about merging with your home security company.

t’s not just one company behind this scam.

In certain cases, the State Fire Marshal’s Office has gotten involved because this office issues licenses to home security companies.

If you think you have been scammed but you have not reported it, consider calling the Better Business Bureau, the State Fire Marshal’s Office and your home security company.

“It’s never really too late if you can show proof of what’s happened,” said ADT Sales Representative Jeff Thibodeaux. “I have had actually a couple of customers, the five that I’m talking to, that have had the Fire Marshal get involved and got that company to come remove the equipment.”

Thibodeaux explained if someone comes to your door asking about your home security system, ask for the employee’s credentials.

If they tell you about a company merge, ask them for the legal paperwork explaining the merge. The paperwork should always have your current company’s logo on it.

If you get suspicious about the visitor, call your home security company to alert them of the visit.

WAFB 9 News