Ozshut Testimonials

OzShut Installation Success For Perth Home Owner

Smooth OzShut Installation From Start To Finish

Another local Perth home owner has taken the time to share their Ozshut installation experience.  We feel that it is super important to effecitvely communicate with our customers, and offer the highest service level possible.

There are many reasonsons that lead to a roller shutter installation, and we take the time to understand exactly what your are looking to achieve with yoru roller shutter install.  Our expert sales and installation teams will work hard to ensure your ideal outcome is met and exceeded.

ozshut testimonailWith a range of colours to suit all home types, Oz Shut are well poisitoned to assist with your window roller shutter needs.

We’d like to thank Francis for taking the time to provide some feedback and acknowledge the great level of service our team has presented in making this such a great experience.

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Ozshut Testimonials

Another Happy Oz Shut Customer

Ozshut are pleased to announce receipt of a testimonail from another very satisified customer.  Mr and Mrs Adamson were gracious enough to take the time to reach out and share their gratitude for a very positive experience with the installation of their window roller shutters.

Of particular note, the Adamsons were thrilled with how thier roller shutters now enabled them to be in control of how much sun and heat is allowed into their home.  In addition to this, they advised an increaed level of comfort in relation to thier increased privacy and security.

The Oz Shut team would like to the the Adamson family for being truly wonderful customers and are very proud of a positive rollershutter intallation experience.

Below is an image of the home prior to the OzShut rollershutter installation.

Before the Ozshut Rollershutter Installation

Below is an image fo the home after the Oz Shut Roller Shuter installation

After the Oz Shut Roller Shutter Installation


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